Tilt-slide doors

Tilt-Slide doors

Tilt and slide doors combine a new sliding style with the tilt and turn the convenient functionality of European windows. The sash slides free of the frame on rails, making it much smoother than traditional sliders which require effort to move back and forth. This makes sliding easier and enhances sealing.

A turn of the handle will tilt the sash inwards for ventilation and give constant fresh air while saving children and pets from getting in or out. This distinct combination of useful characteristics makes tilt and slide doors the ideal alternative to standard sliding doors.

System 4500 tilt-slide doors

The REHAU System 4500 Tilt-Slide Door design is a premium door solution for areas that do not allow traditional doors. With just a simple turn of a handle, the door sash can be turned providing safe ventilation. With another turn, the sash slides open parallel to the frame, not into the room, for space-saving functionality. A high-quality European hardware system operates quietly and easily.

The optimal profile design and compression-seal technology offer outstanding performance, this is the core of the technology. Matching fixed and operable windows can be paired with this door.


  • Unique design for top-venting and sliding positions.
  • Multiple locking points for a tight seal minimizing sound, air, and water intrusion.
  • Tilt position for built-in safety.
  • High-definition finish for climate and stain resistance and ease of maintenance.

Test result
up to CW-PG55
Impact Resistant up to DP-80
ASTM E90 Acoustical (STC)
up to 40 dB
down to 0.18*





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