Wintegra Windows Inc

our values:

- Honesty. We believe that sincerity is half the battle of success, so we build relationships with our clients based on honesty and openness.

- Comfort. We believe that livability is paramount for productive human life, so we strive to create cozy living conditions.

- We are taking Care of Nature. We are convinced that we should strive to live in harmony with nature. Therefore we are not harmful to wildlife; we appreciate and respect the environment.

we are:

- Punctual. We are responsible for our work; we love accuracy, fulfill our obligations on time, and are accountable for our decisions and results.

- Modern. We are forward-looking, keeping up with the times, constantly abreast of the latest technologies, and open to innovations.

- Creative. We have fresh ideas, love to solve non-standard tasks, and show ingenuity even in the most complex situations.

Brand story

Wintegra Windows company is high-performance service-oriented manufactury. Today in 2021 we have successfully launched the Canadian line of manufacturing. Windows and doors profile fitted for a specific target is our main product. Wintegra production line is based on 60 years of technology, expertise, and materials from International REHAU production.

In the past few years, discoveries in all areas of our lives have been developing at a staggering pace. Scientists, researchers, engineers, and designers worldwide are trying to implement things that will significantly simplify our lives and make them more comfortable, fulfilling, and attractive.
Everything is changing: communication, technology, business, and life attitude. Nothing can stop the progress. There is only one way to develop, and that is to join this rapid movement forward.

Wintegra Windows Inc recognizes itself as part of future technologies that make your life better, living more comfortably, responsibly using the world resources. We manufacture, sell and install energy-efficient vinyl windows using German technology, equipment, raw materials, and technological patent.

The main advantage of energy-efficient windows is zero cold nor heat penetration, whether it’s winter or summer. Being a reliable barrier to thermal energy is their primary task and the main benefit for you. Saving your home from rain, wind, and the desired temperature inside as well as the energy/ heating cost.

The perfect tightness of Wintegra Windows will allow you to get rid of street noise. These windows won’t leak through the stormy weather. The robust design is resistant to vandalism. With Wintegra windows, you will be completely safe in your home, the product is fireproof. High energy efficiency and modern materials make the installation of our windows a beautiful and functional addition for any home. Moreover, they are more efficient than wooden window frames.

Wintegra Windows Inc. are eco-friendly. Taking care of the cleanliness of our home planet has become an integral part of the consciousness of our company. We live in British Columbia, one of the most beautiful places in the world, our goal is to save it clean for the longest time possible. One of the initial steps to follow is to reduce emissions into the atmosphere, and energy-efficient windows are a great way to do that.

You no longer have to choose between beautiful design, high functionality, and environmental care; it’s all combined in windows manufactured by Wintegra.

Wintegra Windows Inc is a modern and progressive company that has made its goal to help people create a comfortable living environment. We approach our work responsibly, love punctuality, and meet our obligations on time, making the working space nice and clean at any time. Thanks to our well-coordinated multi-shift operation, Wintegra can manufacture and install energy-efficient windows for you in the shortest possible time.

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