How long does it take to install PVC windows?

On average, it takes no more than 2-3 hours to install one PVC window. The total time of work is influenced by many factors, for example, how perfectly smooth your walls are and how quickly the old structure will be dismantled.

In addition to the installation of the window itself, as a rule, installers finish the opening - plaster the joints and seal up the slopes, install the window sill, adjust the fittings.

Before carrying out installation work, it is recommended to prepare the room beforehand, cover the furniture and electronic equipment with plastic wrap, remove curtains and flowers, since the work on installing the window is not complete without dust and debris.

They say that plastic windows need to be changed in a maximum of 5 years. Is it true?

Not quite. Most likely, we are talking about replacing the seal inside the metal-plastic frames. The service life of this material is 4-15 years. But modern polyvinyl chloride (PVC) can last 50 years. After all, its structure is such that the material easily withstands the influence of external factors (sun, moisture, microorganisms, cold), it is more durable than wood. High-quality plastic windows can be operated in conditions from - 50 to +60 °C. So, if necessary, you just need to replace the seal and continue using windows made of metal plastic.

What shapes and colors can plastic window frames be?

One of the reasons explaining the high popularity of plastic windows is the possibility of manufacturing structures of a wide variety of shapes and colors. A high-quality window profile is easy to bend, profiles can be welded together at any angle, and therefore windows can be trapezoidal, triangular and arched.

The design can also be made completely round, like a porthole. The color possibilities of plastic windows today are limited only by imagination.

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