Wintegra Windows and Doors Inc is a BC vinyl window manufacturer of high end quality European tilt and turn windows. Centrally locate in Abbotsford BC Wintegra manufactures and deliver windows to Greater Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island  the Okanagan, Kootenays, and Northern BC.  As a local window manufacturing company Wintegra is able to offer some of the quickest delivery times for vinyl windows including :  tilt and turn and hopper windowscasement and awning windowshung slider windows, and  picture windows


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We are BBB recognized and proud to offer local customer support with windows at great prices in the quickest time!   We work with home builders and renovators delivering the best quality vinyl windows with the some of the best warranties in the industry.  


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Why do people choose vinyl windows and doors?

Replacing windows and doors is one of the first stages of a significant renovation. The most popular choice of consumers is PVC structures. Classic wooden window cases and wooden doors are also good in their way. But the list of advantages of plastic windows or plastic doors is much more comprehensive. So, replacing long-standing windows with new ones will bring you only positive emotions. It is essential to choose a reliable manufacturing company, ensure the high-quality installation of finished products and follow all the rules for their operation. A nice bonus will be a clean installation process and waste disposal. What is good about vinyl windows and vinyl doors? Let's name their main advantages and the latest technologies available.

energy saving

1. Thermal insulation and energy saving

Windows and doors made of PVC cases have excellent thermal insulation properties, which are higher than simple wooden windows and wooden doors. Vinyl does not conduct heat well, and its structures have high dimensional stability and ensure proper tightness.

Of course, the profile (frame construction) plays a significant role and the transparent filling - the glass unit. Advantageous bonuses in the form of low-emission glass with silver atoms and an inert gas (argon, krypton) inside the glass unit further reduce heat loss. Replacing old structures with PVC profiles can reduce heating costs by about a third.


2. Soundproofing

Vinyl windows and vinyl doors are superior to regular wooden ones in terms of sound insulation: PVC structures reduce external noise by up to 40 decibels. For the last 20 years, wooden doors and window cases were replaced by wood chips or plywood. People who have windows facing a busy street or highway can purchase plastic windows with additional noise-insulating properties. For example, an inert gas inside the glass unit or increased glass thickness, especially a glass unit with an asymmetric formula that will help reduce noise.

comfortable microclimate

3. Comfortable microclimate

Nowadays, many PVC windows and doors have ventilation lids, thanks to which fresh air enters the house, without affecting protection from noise, dust, or insulation.


environmental friendliness

4. Environmental friendliness

PVC window and doors profiles are made from environmentally friendly and eco-safe materials. Vinyl windows and vinyl doors are used for children's and medical organizations and do not pose a direct or indirect danger. Vinyl is a radical of ethane that refers to many different ethylene-based compounds and PVC is polyvinyl chloride and a polymer of vinyl chloride. Also, effective modern technologies can recycle old plastic windows and doors, and they do not endanger nature.


5. Tightness

The maximum tightness of synthetic glass units is ensured by high-quality seals and firm profiles with high dimensional stability. This property of PVC structures is fundamental in large cities. The room can be protected from dust, pollen, unpleasant odors from the street, and exhaust gases.


6. Durability

A high-quality PVC window and doors made of high-tech materials, installed by all norms and regulations, can serve the owners for up to 40-50 years and even more. The quality of design, production, and installation of plastic windows and plastic doors are crucial factors affecting their durability.


7. Aesthetics

A correctly installed plastic window case or door case with smooth inclines looks very aesthetically pleasing and neat. But if you wish, you can purchase a plastic window or door of various shapes, colors, and designs. The classic tone for PVC structures is pure white, and the form is rectangular. The variety of profile manufacturers includes more than 50 different colors; in addition, many window companies today use unique overlays to give the windows and door the desired color.

resistance to external influences

8. Resistance to external influences

Plastic profiles are not afraid of corrosion, decay, precipitation, cold (up to -50 C), and heat (up to + 50 C). They do not allow moisture transfer, freeze, or aggressive impurities accumulate, salts from the external environment. The window will be protected from unexpected blasts by laminated glass - triplex - with an additional protective layer.

practicality and economy

9. Practicality and economy

PVC windows and doors are easy to care for and use. Plastic profiles and slopes are super easy to clean. But for this, avoid aggressive cleaning soaps with chlorine or alcohol that can destroy the structure of the metal-plastic.

practicality and economy

10. Security

Safety is one of the most critical consumer advantages of plastic windows and doors. Increased security is achieved by using special devices in the construction of the windows and doors: first of all, hardware. Modern, high-quality windows or doors made of PVC profiles can correspond to various safety requirements, protect your house or apartment from uninvited invaders. And if you install plastic windows or doors in the premises located on the ground floor, the need to use gratings, which are not entirely safe, immediately disappears.


-Double-glazed windows. . Without exception, all double-glazed windows are constructed on "warm" spacers using European sealants. PVC spacers are reinforced with aluminum and have 1000 times lower thermal conductivity than the classic ones. In turn, the adhesive allows you to achieve optimal adhesion of the components and the tightness of the glass unit during the entire period of operation.

- Valves for supply ventilation. The vast majority of designs are equipped with supply ventilation valves. This device allows the admission of up to 5 cubic meters. Fresh air per hour for the operation of the natural ventilation system. Polluted or waterlogged air is transferred through the hoods. A wholly sealed window is harmful!

Energy-efficient glass. Almost every product of Wintegra company uses glass with low-emission sputtering. Thermo or multifunctional layer reflects 50-80% of radiant energy, reducing the energy consumption of buildings and saving natural resources.

- Hardware. All structures are equipped with the most reliable and proven hardware manufactured by the German company Roto Frank AG. The hardware allow you not to worry about complaints, set a warranty period of up to 7 years, and produce sashes weighing up to 100 kg, as well as complex design solutions.

- Handles. All designs are equipped with German handles manufactured by Roto. The handles vary from cheap analogs in their precise strokes, excellent ergonomics, and reliability, confirmed by the warranty.

- Reinforcement. Several types of metal reinforcement are used in structures. The thickness and profile of galvanized steel are selected, taking into account the installation depth and chambers of the PVC profile. The thickness of the metal is 2 mm. The plastic profile installation follows a strict algorithm with corrosion-resistant hardware.

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