Following the vinyl windows, vinyl doors are increasingly entering our lives.

The history of vinyl doors goes back to a few decades old. Initially, they were used as balconies and were made under the same technology as the windows. Vinyl doors are still used as balcony doors. But often, they are made an entrance and even for interior separation and decoration. Most of all, vinyl doors are used in residential buildings. These doors are used to provide the access to the house, boiler room, garage, swimming pool, winter garden or closed terrace, outbuildings. A vinyl door with a glass unit provides a high level of sound and heat insulation (the best compared to other types of door leaf).

Types of doors:

balcony plastic doors

1. Balcony doors

Balcony vinyl doors are the lightest. They use the same frame construction as in the windows as well as fittings. The configuration is entirely made of vinyl and is not designed to install lever handles, a separate lock, or door closers.

interior doors

2. Interior doors

Interior vinyl doors are produced in a wide range of sizes and shapes, installed in mansions and offices. Their frame is made of vinyl and metal fittings, it can hold heavy loads. Usually, the latter is a galvanized steel profile, square (closed) in cross-section. This makes it possible to enforce the door with a lever handle and a lock with a key, more strong hinges, and, if necessary, a door closer.


entrance doors

3. Entrance doors

Vinyl opening doors provide the best heat and sound protector, resistant to noise (including impacts). Doors are made of a five-chamber contour with steel reinforcement. For durability, parts of the frame are connected using metal corner root components. Such a frame allows you to install particular joints, crossbars, door closers, and reliable locks on the door.

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