Hung slider windows

Slider Windows

A sliding window (also called a ‘slider’) has two or more glass panels that can slide as one. Single sliders have one fixed sash and one moveable sash; double sliders have sashes that both slide separately. A double slider has a couple of advantages: first, the window can be opened at either end; second, especially for larger windows, two sliding panels improve ventilation.

Since a sliding window is installed horizontally, a home may require civil modification to accept a frame that is wider than it is tall. Horizontal sliders are also good for hard-to-reach spots, for compact spaces, and if you want to maximize the view outside.

Hung Windows

A single hung window has one moving panel while a double-hung window has two independently moving parts. A single hung window can only be opened from the top or the bottom, while a double-hung can be opened at either end. Regardless of the arrangement, the window can come with tilting panels. These shafts along the center of the panel and make cleaning the window much easier. Once the panels are tilted, they also open up the home to a lot more ventilation.

Hung windows look great in areas that open out to patios, decks, or walkways. Avoid them at heights as opening the upper sash will be very difficult.


1. System 190 hung-slider windows

A window that combines the integrity of a side-load design with high performance, suitable for both new construction and replacement projects.

Our System 190 Hung-Slider system offers various frame options for accessory grooves, integral nailing and/or stucco finish.

With the System 190 design, single hung, single slider, and fixed configurations are possible. The system is available in white color.


  • Multi-chambered frame configuration with staggered weep system channels for effective water drainage.
  • Pocket sill configuration for architectural simplicity.
  • T-mullion profile for multiple-lite configurations within a single outline frame.
  • High-definition finish for weather and stain resistance and ease of maintenance.

Test result
up to LC-PG40
up to STC 32; OITC 27
down to 0.24*





2. System 700 hung-slider windows

The REHAU System 700 Hung-Slider Window design is one of the most comprehensive hung-slider replacement window designs on the European market.

Providing five styles with a variety of design and performance options, this clever design is an excellent choice for upscale residential and light-commercial applications for Canadian residence.

With the System 700 design, single-hung, double-hung, single slider, double slider, and fixed configurations are possible. Available in white color.


  • Interior glazing allows for easy installation (glass can also be replaced from inside).
  • A flat bottom frame makes it easy to install in stucco or masonry openings.
  • Chambered frame provides water drainage.
  • Available in white.

Test result
up to CW-PG70
Acoustical (STC)
up to STC 39; OITC 32
(*Single Hung, Fixed)
Impact Resistant DP-60 (HVHZ)*
down to 0.17**

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