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Sliding Patio Door


We are proud to present our work. These projects are built using latest technologies and best talents. The benefits of our building methods guarantee quality for many years to come.

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System 2200 – Sliding Patio Doors

Advanced design and engineering make the REHAU System 2200 everything you imagine a sliding patio door could be and more, making it an excellent choice for upscale residential renovation and new construction projects. Perfect for modern living, it opens up any space with classic looks and a large glass area for maximized daylight.

  • Increased energy and acoustical properties with up to 1 1/4 in (32 mm) glazing channel to accommodate triple glazing

  • Flexibility for new construction and replacement projects provided by  4 9/16 in (116 mm) frame depth

  • Excellent structural ratings thanks to engineered aluminum reinforcements 

  • High-definition finish for weather and stain resistance and ease of maintenance

  • Low-profile, aluminum-capped sloped sill

  • Internal sill drainage system

  • All windows and doors are laminated using Skai Contintal films to provide design with superior quality
  • In stock colours: Jet Black (F4466062) Jet Black Matex (F4766062) Anthrazitgaru (F446503)
  • 125+ colour and texture options available, see full array at the following link: https://www.skai.com/en/exterior/products/

  • Double Pane
    • U-Value: 0.27
    • SHGC: 0.26
    • VT – 0.5
  • Triple Pane
    • U-Value: 0.20
    • SHGC: 0.5
    • VT – 0.46