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Energy-efficient windows are designed to provide fail-proof insulation to control indoor temperatures and keep heat, cold and humidity outside. Using multiple glazes and coatings on the glass, advanced window spacer systems, and modern installation techniques is an instant way to upgrade your space. Though it may seem like an expensive undertaking, it offers the following long and short-term benefits:

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Over the past few years, discoveries and new technologies have resulted in applications that have revolutionized the way we interact and live within our environment. Advancements in the manufacturing of windows and doors are no different, and new technologies are resulting in huge leaps forward in functionality and energy use. Scientists, researchers, engineers, and designers have worked on applying these advancements to make our lives more comfortable, lower our impact on the environment and save us on heating and cooling energy bills. We, at Wintegra, embrace advancements in these manufacturing processes, which can help to lower our impact on the environment, and at the same time increase the functionality and comfort of our homes and businesses. Choose us because of our:

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Wintegra Windows Inc is the top choice for builders, general contractors and renovators when it comes to high-quality vinyl windows and doors. We stock and supply a range of European and North American energy-efficient window styles at our stores in Vancouver, which are manufactured in Abbotsford, BC. We are conveniently located off the highway for all BC communities and the USA Border for our Western United States deliveries. Our fast deliveries allow us to offer some of the best lead times in the industry, resulting in quick production, a high-end product, and the best customer support! If you would like to upgrade the windows, doors, railings or internal partitions in your home or office, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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Choosing a good quality window that looks beautiful, has great functionality and one that saves on energy is an important decision. There are many different types of windows to chooce from mainly wood, metal and vinyl. One of the most popular window choices is vinyl PVC windows due to the cost, longevity, durability, style and energy rating of the window. Along with cost, function and design options, vinyl windows are a great choice compared to wood and metal windows, as they truly tick all the boxes. At Wintegra, we offer high-end European and German-designed windows that come with an industry-leading warranty and energy rating. We also offer North American-style vinyl windows and passive house-rated windows in many styles and options.

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Choosing a door traditionally depends on the application of where and how a door was going to be used. PVC vinyl doors were originally used for balcony doors however, with new and modern manufacturing techniques, vinyl doors can be an excellent option for virtually any type of door, from balcony doors, entrance doors, interior doors and decorative doors. A vinyl PVC door with a glass unit provides a high level of sound and heat insulation superior to other door leaf options.

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