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Casement and Awning Windows


Casement windows swing outward with an easy turn of a handle located near the bottom center of the window. Excellent choice for a classical style aesthetic.

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1800 System – Casement Windows

Build a better window: ASPEKT casement window system offers unique features to make your life easier. With ASPEKT, casement, awning, and fixed units as single or multi-lite configurations are possible. The system is available in any color like any of our windows.

  • Proprietary triple-seal technology for optimal air and water tightness
  • Continuous frame concept for multi-lite configurations within one frame
  • Frame options for greater installation flexibility
  • High-definition finish for weather and stain resistance and ease of maintenance
  • Design accepts a variety of screen styles including FlexScreen

  • All windows and doors are laminated using Skai Contintal films to provide design with superior quality.
  • In stock colours: Jet Black (F4466062) Jet Black Matex (F4766062) Anthrazitgaru (F446503)
  • 125+ colour and texture options available, see full array at the following link: https://www.skai.com/en/exterior/products/

  • Double Pane
    • U-Value: 0.26
    • SHGC: 0.18 - 0.25
    • SHGC: 0.18 - 0.25
  • Triple Pane
    • U-Value: 0.15 - 0.22
    • SHGC: 0.16 - 0.36
    • VT – 0.34 - 0.53

Excellence of Hardware

We pick and assemble only what`s right for you

casement and awning window locking systems provide superior locking and sealing for improved security and seal against weather.

  • Easy to operate
  • Audible “click” signifies the window is locked
  • Available in powder-coated and architectural finishes for greater design flexibility
  • Wider riveted die cast base utilizes more industry standard cutout
  • Versatility of Operator handles to match laminated profile colour
  • Premium hinge to accommodate heaviest sash up to 125 lbs
  • Features 10″and 14″washability versions and a 10″ egress version